Fitzgerald Responds to Latest Attack on Marriage [PRESS RELEASE]


April 28, 2014

Raleigh, NC – Tami Fitzgerald, Executive Director of the NC Values Coalition and former Chairwoman of Vote for Marriage NC, released the following statement today regarding the most recent lawsuit filed by filed by the United Church of Christ, several members of the clergy, and 6 same-sex couples seeking to overturn North Carolina’s Marriage Amendment.



“This is sadly, and predictably, the “lawsuit of the week” filed by those who want to impose same-sex marriage on North Carolina, in spite of the fact that 61% of the voters passed the Marriage Amendment 2 years ago. North Carolinians had good reason to protect marriage in our Constitution, recognizing that the union of a man and woman plays an irreplaceable role in the health of society, first of which is the protection of children.

“Moreover, it’s both ironic and sad that an entire religious denomination and its clergy who purport holding to Christian teachings on marriage would look  to the courts to justify their errant beliefs. These individuals are simply revisionists that distort the teaching of Scripture to justify sexual revolution, not marital sanctity.


“We believe the people of North Carolina have spoken on this issue, and the federal courts have no business overturning the will of the people.”  – Tami Fitzgerald, NC Values Coalition Executive Director