Today we’re excited to share with you our endorsements for the 2022 NC Federal races.

Over the past weeks, we have poured a tremendous amount of time and energy evaluating candidates on legislative records, endorsements, personal interviews, the iVoterGuide survey, and other factors. This list of endorsed candidates is certainly not our last, and any remaining Congressional candidates who seek our endorsement will certainly be given due consideration.

These endorsed candidates have either proven through their votes, or have demonstrated to us they will represent North Carolina values in Washington D.C.

With the pressure of the Biden Administration’s radical agenda, we need representatives who will stand strong for North Carolina families and our country. If you look forward to a principled group of legislators who can help create a pro-values majority in Congress that will protect life, the family, and religious freedom, would you consider supporting these fine candidates?

Finally, today and tomorrow mark the last two days you can contribute to our end-of-the-month fundraiser. Your donation is needed to not only help us reach our targeted goal, but also to help cover the costs of our important election work.

Would you consider making a needed $10, $25, $100, or more donation towards helping us meet our monthly goal?

In gratitude,

Tami Fitzgerald,
Executive Director, NC Values