At the NC Values Coalition, we offer you a variety of opportunities to benefit from our political and legal insights, cutting edge technology, and a vast network of clergy and citizens across the state to help you prayerfully select the best candidates who will honor life, family, and religious freedom. We then advance legislation that will support your values in the laws of our state, so that our culture reflects Biblical values.

Your ongoing support of NC Values Coalition has allowed us to continue to work with one of the nation’s leading, independent organizations to rank candidates based on how closely they share your values by examining their response to values-focused questionnaires, actual voting history, a record of political endorsements, history of financial contributions, analysis of their backgrounds, and panel reviews by experts on how closely they share your pro-life, pro-liberty, and pro-family values.

Interested in how candidates in your federal, state-wide, and state races performed? Click here and enter your zip code to find candidates on your ballot.

2024 NC Values Voter Toolkit:

2024 Primary Election Dates:

  • Jan. 19, 2024: County boards of elections begin mailing absentee ballots to eligible voters who submitted an absentee ballot request form.
  • Feb. 9, 2024: Voter registration deadline (5 p.m.).*
  • Feb. 15, 2024: In-person early voting begins; same-day registration available.
  • Feb. 27, 2024: Absentee ballot request deadline (5 p.m.).*
  • March 2, 2024: In-person early voting ends (3 p.m.).
  • March 5, 2024: Primary Election Day.
  • March 5, 2024: Absentee ballot return deadline (7:30 p.m.).*
  • April 25th, 2024: Primary runoff election early voting begins.
  • May 11th, 2024: Primary runoff election early voting ends (5 p.m.).
  • May 14th, 2024: Primary runoff election early voting begins.

2024 Additional Voter Resources: