As you well know, last week’s overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court was a historic event. While the Supreme Court made the decision, the victory belongs to all of you. For 50 years, you have marched, petitioned, and prayed for the day Roe would be overturned, and the LORD was gracious to answer this prayer.

As an organization, we have worked incredibly hard doing our part to protect life. We are quite nostalgic as we think of what our team has been through leading up to this decision:

  • All those hours in prayer seeking wisdom and guidance and praying for results
  • All those bills we helped pass at the State legislature—over 30 restrictions on abortion—most of which are still law, and some of which were vetoed
  • All those emails and social media posts urging action to support our legislative work
  • All those hours of working on bill language and meeting with legislators in their offices to lobby them
  • All those late nights at the legislature and in front of a computer or on the phone just to ensure pro-life bills won
  • All those emails sent by people around the state to legislators and the Governor supporting limitations on abortion
  • All those rallies outside the General Assembly…bringing in abortion survivors and others to testify to the horrors of abortion
  • All those press interviews with hostile members of the press, trying to get our message out and persuade those on the fence about abortion
  • All those post-abortive women who have regrets about their abortions showing up to tell legislators they wish they had more time to think it over
  • All those precious children with Down Syndrome, some of whom testified before committees, who met legislators and told of the value of their lives
  • All those people we brought to the General Assembly to show up in committee meetings and the House and Senate galleries, and to speak to their legislators about pro-life bills we pushed
  • All those phone calls and visits collaborating with pregnancy centers, abortion clinic prayer groups, and pro-life public policy groups to join forces as allies and brothers and sisters and Christ

It all finally came together last week when the LORD gave us all a great victory!

Because of a 1973 statute and a federal court decision, abortion is currently legal up to “viability” (24 weeks) in North Carolina.

We have a lot of work to do to make North Carolina pro-life!

Except for Virginia, all the states that border North Carolina have already become pro-life due to Heartbeat bills or Trigger laws they passed. Unless we do something about it, North Carolina will become the largest abortion destination in the South, possibly tripling the number of abortions taking place in our state. As reported in this Assembly NC article entitled “The State of Last Resort,” “the medical team at the Asheville clinic are preparing to step into an unprecedented position: providing abortions for patients coming from all over the South.”

The Dobbs decision rightly returned the issue of abortion to our state, and it is now up to us to work on electing veto-proof pro-life majorities in the NC House and Senate, and then passing pro-life legislation that saves lives and stops this all from happening.

In anticipation of all the questions that surround abortion in North Carolina, we have launched a resource site at On it, you can get info, laws, history, and answers to frequently asked questions related to the state of abortion in NC. We’ve even created an interactive GIS map that helps women find their nearest pro-life pregnancy centers.

We CANNOT allow our state to become the abortion destination of the South!

If you agree, would you honor the work we have done all these years—and equip us to perform the work that is ahead—by making a needed pro-life end-of-month donation of $10, $25, $50, $100, or more before MIDNIGHT tonight?