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Is politics really downstream of culture?

Is it really true that in order to win political victories we need to first change the culture?

Without a doubt, culture influences our public policies. The Left often uses media pressure to intimidate conservative Christians, encouraging them to stay silent about particular issues. But this is almost always matched by political spending for issues and candidates, which reinforces cultural messages. This combination quickly leads to cultural change.

When only one side is willing to raise their voices about certain issues, people begin to believe there really is only one side. The polls shift quickly as the hearts and minds of the mushy middle move toward the only visible position. If only one team is on the field, it wins by default.

That’s why the North Carolina Values Coalition exists – together, we are always on the field, fighting to ensure that the Biblical values of life, family, and religious liberty are at the center over the debates that shape our society.

That’s also why I’m writing today – to ask your help to keep us on the field and fighting to hold the victories we won in 2023 and to take more ground in 2024.

Today is #GivingTuesday, and for many of our supporters, it’s the day they begin thinking about – or making – their year-end giving decisions.

It’s also the day that groups like Planned Parenthood, the Human Rights Coalition, and dangerous others rake in millions to endanger women, indoctrinate children, and end the lives of vulnerable babies.

If you’ve been on the sidelines this year, it’s time to join the fight. We won’t win the culture without winning political victories, and we can’t keep winning in politics without you.

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In gratitude,

Tami & Team,
NC Values