June 28, 2023
Contact: Laura Macklem
[email protected]


NC Values Executive Director Tami Fitzgerald made a statement today regarding the passage of SB 49, “Parents Bill of Rights” in the General Assembly:

“Parental rights form the brick and mortar of the wall protecting the family from government intrusion, and since 1923 the U.S. Supreme Court has recognized parents’ rights as fundamental. Recent polling shows 80.8% believe parents should have access to curriculum, materials and resources being used in their child’s classroom and 71% believe they should play a significant role in the curriculum development process. At least 26 states have taken action to support the rights of parents, and it is time for North Carolina to stand up and do the same.

“Parents are fed up with public schools and healthcare professionals counteracting their values, hiding critical information about their children, encouraging their children to adopt identities and lifestyles that are harmful, using obscene books and materials in the classroom, teaching LGBT ideologies and how-to’s to their children, and hiding and encouraging their children to consent to medical treatments that should be solely their responsibility. The Parents Bill of Rights is a good first step to addressing some of these problems. I urge Governor Cooper to put parents and children before politics, and swiftly sign SB 49 into law.”