August 16, 2023
Contact: Laura Macklem
[email protected]


A bill protecting gender confused minors from genital mutilation and chemical transitioning which leads to sterilization, became law today after a veto override. North Carolina is now the twenty-second state to enact legislation protecting minors from medicalized transitioning.

“HB 808 is a compassionate bill which will protect gender confused youth from medical and trans activists, who urge children with mental health issues to permanently change their bodies by cutting off healthy body parts and consume cancer drugs not FDA-approved for gender transitioning,” said NC Values Coalition Executive Director Tami Fitzgerald.

“NC Values has worked closely with detransitioners, and we have heard their tragic stories of being lured into the trans cult which grooms and mutilates children, and sometimes emotionally blackmails parents. These treatments are experimental, and other countries such as Norway, England, Sweden, Hungary, Finland, and France have abandoned medical transitioning for minors due to its poor results. Because 85% of minors with gender dysphoria desist, medical intervention that is so drastic and permanent, should be forbidden. We are thankful North Carolina has taken this step to protect vulnerable children from greedy medical professionals who care only about lining their pockets by advancing an extremist agenda.”

NC Values brought detransitioner Prisha Mosely to testify at the General Assembly to give an account of her experience with medical transitioning. She was chemically transitioned at age 15 and had a double mastectomy at age 18 in North Carolina. Mosely was groomed by trans activists on social media, and doctors manipulated consent from her parents by falsely telling them she would commit suicide if they didn’t allow her to take hormones and have a double mastectomy. They said to her parents, “You can either have a dead daughter or a live son.” Mosely testified about the emotionally and physically painful consequences resulting from her transition that she experiences every day.

“Legislation preventing children from undergoing such life-altering procedures could have protected me and many others like me,” said Mosely. “I was utterly convinced by adults that I had been born in the wrong body, and that hormones and surgery were the cure. No doctor should remove healthy body parts or prescribe sterilizing drugs to children for a social contagion of mental suffering.”

Gender dysphoria is a mental health disorder and a social contagion, as “clusters” of trans kids are found in friend groups and schools. Many detransitioners say they were groomed on social media and encouraged to go “no contact” with parents who won’t affirm their transition to the other sex. Some also testify their parents were emotionally blackmailed by doctors who promised non-compliance would mean certain death of their children via suicide, although research shows that suicide increases by 40% for those who medically transition.

“Eighty-five percent of youth who do not medically transition desist from their dysphoria. Even though the billion-dollar industry abusing children with experimental surgeries and chemical treatments know this, they continue to line their pockets while devastating the physical and mental health of children,” said Fitzgerald. “I’m thankful to the bill’s sponsors, Prisha Mosely for testifying, and all who stood up for truth, science, and our youth.”