March 23, 2023
Contact: Laura Macklem


Companion Bills in General Assembly forces taxpayers to fund abortions

The “RGB Act” introduced yesterday by both the House and Senate would allow late term abortion of viable babies, would lower standard of care for pregnant women, and abolish reporting requirements. Companion bills SB 353 and HB 439 would also force taxpayers to fund abortions for state and municipal employees.

“Democrats in the General Assembly would allow abortion with no restrictions, at any time during pregnancy, up to the point of live birth, when only 22% of voters in North Carolina agree with them, according to a poll conducted by NC Values Coalition,” said NC Values Coalition Executive Director Tami Fitzgerald. “Unlimited abortion is a radical view few people in our state share. Pre-born babies are human beings who deserve to have life. We will continue to push for saving as many of these pre-born babies as is possible.”

The legislation changes the 20-week gestation limit on abortion to simply “viability” which is technically undefined allowing doctors to have unrestricted authority to abort babies at any point. No proof of gestational age would be required. In addition, the bill allows psychological and emotional conditions to constitute a “medical emergency,” to justify abortion up to the point of birth, with no pain medication for the baby. The barbaric method of late term abortion includes ripping the limbs off the baby, and crushing her skull. Other provisions in the bill include:

  • abolishing the requirement that abortions can only be performed by a “qualified physician” and instead allow any “qualified health care provider,” including any type of physician, PA, nurse or midwife.
  • revoking the statutory mandate that clinics be inspected annually.
  • revoking requirements for reported violations to be posted on the state website.
  • allowing late-term abortions to be performed anywhere, instead of in a hospital as is currently required.
  • abolishing reporting requirements, so no statistics on abortions in North Carolina can be gathered.
  • removing conscience clause protection for healthcare providers who have moral, religious, or ethical objections to abortion to perform or assist in abortions.
  • revoking protections for hospitals and healthcare facilities or institutions which choose not to perform abortions or provide abortion services.
  • allowing children under 18 to work in abortion clinics.

“As more and more mothers see their unborn child on an ultrasound screen and 3-D ultrasounds reveal these babies have eyes, fingers, toes, and can suck their thumbs in the womb and feel pain. People are waking up to the lies the abortion industry has told for 50 years, and the tragedy of terminating over 68 million of these babies. Eventually the truth will win over, and abortion will be unthinkable,” said Fitzgerald.