Today is a major victory for unborn children and their mothers.

It is a day we have long prayed and worked for: Roe v. Wade is officially overturned. Let the magnitude of this moment sink in.

Praise the LORD!

Lives are now being protected in Mississippi and in other states around the country as a result of the Supreme Court’s decision. In North Carolina, our work is only beginning.

Our laws should recognize that life is a human right. Because of modern medicine and science, we now know that unborn babies have a heartbeat at about six weeks, and by fifteen weeks they have fully formed noses, lips and eyebrows, suck their thumbs, and they feel pain. It is time for the law to catch up with the science and modernize our laws.

Our lawmakers now have an opportunity to protect lives and ensure women and families are supported. Members of our General Assembly in particular must ensure that unborn children and their mothers are protected from the gruesome reality of abortion, and that they receive the care and resources they need to flourish.

As we shared with you last week, Democrats in our state legislature just introduced a bill that supports abortion on-demand up until the moment of birth. These same politicians support taxpayer funding of abortion and even infanticide. They are way out of step with the North Carolina people, who support severely limiting abortion because they recognize that life is a human right.

Instead of distant judges, it is now up to states like ours to determine whether they will protect babies in the womb. It’s time North Carolina recognized the humanity of the unborn, and we invite you to join us in leading the charge to help make that happen in this state. If you believe #LifeIsAHumanRight, and support our work championing your pro-life values in our state, would you consider making a $25, $50, $100, or more donation today?

In gratitude,

Tami Fitzgerald,
Executive Director, NC Values