Several weeks ago we applauded the NC Senate’s decision to increase needed funding for Opportunity Scholarships. Over 58,000 families are eager to send their children to successful schools of their choice, however they’re now waiting on the NC House for that to become a reality.

While it has been several weeks since the start of the short session, we have yet to see a bill for funding the Opportunity Scholarship waitlist come to a vote in the House. It’s getting us concerned.

Parents are tired of their children being subjected to indoctrination with sexually explicit books such as Lawn Boy, Gender Queer, George, and impromptu CRT lectures. The freedom for parents to choose which school is best for their child, regardless of income, is one of our most basic liberties.

Currently, there are 58,400 families waitlisted, hoping their children will not be left behind and trapped in failing, dangerous schools. Every child deserves the opportunity to attend the school that best fits their needs. Can you help us achieve a great pro-family and pro-school choice victory by encouraging your representatives to vote FOR Opportunity Scholarship funding?

🚨Currently, 638 of you have answered our request to use our click-to-contact tool below to contact House leadership and your representative. We need to produce more contacts than that. Could you take a minute to use this time-saving and impactful tool to contact your officials?


Tami & Team
NC Values