In less than two weeks, a number of your like-minded neighbors will be meeting at Charlotte’s Carmel Country Club for a refreshing celebration of life, family, and freedom. We wanted to invite you to join us, and to meet our keynote speaker: Pastor John K. Amanchukwu Sr.

Pastor John K. Amanchukwu Sr. is an influential preacher, author, and activist who spreads God’s truth zealously and without fear. John graduated from North Carolina State University where he played football under Coach Chuck Amato. From the battles on the football field to the current-day culture wars, John is a fearless defender of biblical justice.

Pastor John’s passion for the next generation pours out on audiences across our nation. He is also a strong advocate for the unborn. For twelve years, he ministered and led a 40-week prayer walk at one of the busiest abortion clinics in the Southeast. His heart breaks for the impact of abortion in America; he is especially concerned about abortion in the Black community.

Pastor John is a dynamic speaker with a passion for defending our values in the public square. Would you consider joining Pastor John and your friends at NC Values in a celebration of Carolina Values in Charlotte, this April 25th?

If you’re interested in securing your seat or sponsorship, click here.


In gratitude,

Tami Fitzgerald,

Executive Director, NC Values