Incase you haven’t heard, last week on Thursday all members of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools board voted unanimously to ignore state law. While reviewing updated policies with the intent of keeping with the recently passed Parents’ Bill of Rights, board members declined to include provisions designed to affirm a parent’s right to oversee the upbringing of their own children and be notified of incidents where their child has requested to go by a different name or pronoun.

Chapel Hill Board members openly acknowledged that they were ignoring state law, claiming that they had to be the ones to “protect the children.”  The truth is that secret transitioning leads children into a lifetime of mental torture and mutilates their bodies, which is what the new Parents’ Bill of Rights seeks to stop by putting that choice back into the hands of parents.

Chapel Hill reminds us why it is so important to celebrate and advance school choice.

Every January, National #SchoolChoice Week (NSCW) shines a spotlight on effective education options for children.

Started in 2011, NSCW is now the world’s largest annual celebration of opportunity in education. During the weeklong celebration, schools, individuals, organizations, and homeschool groups plan tens of thousands of independent events to raise public awareness of the different K-12 education options available to children and families and spotlight the benefits of school choice.

This week, we want to invite you to join us in celebrating school choice options in our state. For years, Governor Cooper, liberal School Boards like Chapel Hill, and political interest groups have set their eyes on restricting education options in North Carolina. They have even gone as far as suing in court to kill school choice initiatives that parents rely on like the Opportunity Scholarship. In contrast, the recently passed state budget expanded Opportunity Scholarships to all families in NC, empowering parents to choose the school which best fits their children. All families interested in applying will be able to do so starting on February 1st (keep an eye out for our future guide).

For more information about joining this week’s celebration, or learning about school choice opportunities in North Carolina, click here.

At NC Values, we have worked with other school choice advocates and organizations to advance measures which allow money to follow the students, every one of them. If you support the work we do representing your pro-family and pro-school choice values across North Carolina, would you consider making a one-time or monthly donation today?


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