March 12 was Detrans Awareness Day, a date that provides an opportunity for those who fell victim to the cruel ploy of youth medical transitioning to educate others. Many victims of transitioning have been separated from their families, had their healthy bodies permanently mutilated, and seen their mental health ignored and further devastated. Voices of the detrans community need to be heard; their stories need to be told. They need and deserve compassion, advocacy on their behalf, and respect for being brave voices in a culture which rejects and shames those who choose to leave the medical transition cult.

Fast Facts:

  • Common side-effects for all puberty blockers include anxiety, depression, dizziness, joint and bone disorders, and fractures.
  • Puberty blockers are off-label cancer treatments and are advertised on television which normalizes their use.
  • Cross-sex hormones creates risk of irreversible sterility and can cause a host of health problems including blood clots, cardiovascular disease and psychiatric disorders.
  • Gender reassignment surgery may lead to increased urinary disorders and sterilization.

Meet Chloe Cole who had a double mastectomy at age 15 and took puberty blockers for yearsHer body has rejected the skin grafts after the mastectomy, and she now wears bandages. Chloe said her exposure to gender ideology on the Internet was a significant factor in her gender dysphoria. She now travels the country to warn people about the dangers of medically transitioning children.

WATCH: Chloe Cole: ‘I’m Still Recovering’ From Hormones, Surgery at 15.

For more information, also check out an article in this week’s Carolina Journal written by NC Values’ Press and Political Director Laura Macklem about the detransition movement, and how the medical profession preys on young people struggling with gender dysphoria, a mental illness.

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Tami Fitzgerald,
NC Values