Yesterday’s election brought not only a good amount for us to celebrate, but also some surprises. 

In all, NC Values endorsed a total of 29 candidates, of which 17 won their elections. Of the 12 General Assembly candidates we endorsed, 7 won; 4 out of 6 of our Congressional candidates won; and 6 out of 11 of our local candidates won. We congratulate all of our pro-values candidates who were victorious in their primaries, and are grateful to all of our candidates for making the difficult decision to run for public office.

Congratulations to:

  • Laurie Buckhout (CD1)
  • Virginia Foxx (CD5)
  • Mark Harris (CD8)
  • Chuck Edwards (CD11)
  • Mike Schietzelt (HD35)
  • Ralph Carter (HD48)
  • Mark Brody (HD55)
  • Dean Arp (HD69)
  • Jonathan Almond (HD73)
  • Grant Cambell (HD83)
  • Blair Eddins (HD94)
  • Brian Barrier (Burke County of Commissioners)
  • Jamey Wycoff (Burke County School Board)
  • Brad Camp (Burke County School Board)
  • Jacob Arthur (Wake County Commissioners)
  • Patti Mason (Craven County School Board)
  • Lori Grady Spiece (Craven County School Board)

During elections, NC Values offers pro-values voters opportunities to benefit from our political and legal insights, cutting edge technology, and a vast network of clergy and citizens across the state to help individuals prayerfully select the best candidates who will honor life, family, and religious freedom. We then advance legislation that will support your values in the laws of our state, so that our culture reflects Biblical values.

The degree to how far we can advance legislation depends greatly on the caliber of conservative candidates we get into the General Assembly. Therefore, in addition to making an impact legislatively, it is just as important we make an impact in our local, state, and federal elections.

To help do just that, we put together a resource that helps pro-values voters save time while also equipping them to make an informed decision: our NC Values Voter Toolkit. The toolkit contained important election information,endorsements in select races, our 2024 Lt. Gov. Candidate forum video, and a voter guide that lets you look up how pro-values are the candidates on your ballot.

This year’s iVoterGuide alone encompassed a tremendous amount of work helping field candidate scoring in Gubernatorial, NC Council of State, Congressional, General Assembly, and—for the second year in a row—School Board races.

Producing voter tools like these takes a lot of time, personnel, and financial resources. If you support our year-round work getting pro-values conservatives elected to local, state, and federal office, and then equipping them to pass pro-values legislation such as in our upcoming short session, would you consider making a needed donation towards the costs of putting together these resources?

In gratitude,

Tami & Team,
NC Values