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1. GO VOTE: Can you prioritize voting in the 2024 primary run-off election today?

Early voting started yesterday, and NC Republicans have an important choice to make in the Lieutenant Governor run-off election. The winner will face off against Democrat Rachel Hunt whose primary reason for running for office, according to her, is to promote abortion. We have endorsed Hal Weatherman over Jim O’Neill as the family values candidate for the Republican run-off.

We have also endorsed Brad Knott in the primary run-off because he boldly proclaims his support for family values which are rooted in his Christian faith. Professionally he has prosecuted drug cartel cases and will also be strong on crime, border security, and trafficking.

Run-offs typically have a low-voter turnout. We ask you to make voting in this election a priority.

Read more about Hal Weatherman: https://ncvalues.org/vote-early-today-for-hal-weatherman/

Read more about Brad Knott: https://ncvalues.org/vote-early-today-for-brad-knott/

Get election information: https://ncvalues.org/vote/

2. NC VALUES: The short session has begun

Earlier this week, the NC General Assembly returned to Raleigh to begin the 2024 legislative short session.

The “short session” is so-called because it permits only minimal legislative action, and with an expected end coming July 31st, it is shorter than the normal legislative session.

Our team has been busy working behind the scenes in preparation for the session. Click here to read about our legislative priorities.

Read more: https://ncvalues.org/the-short-session-has-begun/

3. WATCH: Corrie Shepherd’s address to the Alamance-Burlington School System

Earlier this week Corrie Shepherd, our Operations Manager & Grassroots Field Coordinator, spoke to the ABSS School board regarding her concerns with the implementation of the Telehealth system in schools, the erosion of parental rights, and the financial impact to taxpayers. Please take a few minutes to listen on these important topics that can and will impact all of us.

WATCH: https://fb.watch/rGpEzc1J6F/

4. THE HILL: Planned Parenthood to spend $10M in North Carolina

“A political arm of Planned Parenthood is launching a $10 million voter engagement campaign in North Carolina to elect candidates in favor of abortion rights this year as reproductive rights surge further into the 2024 spotlight. Organizers will be knocking on more than a million doors this cycle as part of the $10 million push from Planned Parenthood Votes! South Atlantic, Planned Parenthood Votes and Planned Parenthood Action PAC NC.”

Read more: https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/4615916-planned-parenthood-to-spend-10m-in-north-carolina/

5. CAROLINA JOURNAL: Foxx lashes out against Title IX rewrite

“’The Department of Education has placed Title IX, and the decades of advancement and protections for women and girls that it has yielded, squarely on the chopping block,’ said Congresswoman Foxx in a press release. ‘This final rule dumps kerosene on the already raging fire that is Democrats’ contemptuous culture war that aims to radically redefine sex and gender. The rule also undermines existing due process rights, placing students and institutions in legal jeopardy and again undermining the protections Title IX is intended to provide. Evidently, the acceptance of biological reality, and the faithful implementation of the law, are just pills too big for the Department to swallow – and it shows.’ The language of the Title IX rewrite broadens the definition of sex to include ‘gender identity’ rather than being restricted to biological sex.”

Read more: https://www.carolinajournal.com/foxx-lashes-out-against-title-ix-rewrite/

Also check out our press release at https://ncvalues.org/pr-biden-administration-weakens-title-ix-protections-for-women/


Weekly Prayer: NC Officials

LORD, you also have instructed us to pray for our governing officials, and we come to you in the spirit of this petition. We pray for our state government and its executive, legislative, and judicial servants. May they indeed be servants unto the people, and govern in a manner that protects liberty and virtue. In the same spirit, we pray for public servants across our local governments. May they all heed your mandate in Romans 13:4 to be in positions of authority as “God’s servant” and for the “good” of the public. They govern in what we confess are difficult times. May they plead with you to give them wisdom, and may your grace to govern wisely be poured out on them.

Protect us from the oppression and loss of freedoms that other countries have experienced, and help us to value and preserve freedom, which we know comes only from You.

“I have indeed seen the oppression of my people in Egypt.  I have heard their groaning and have come down to set them free.” Acts 7:34



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