Tomorrow, Tuesday November 8th, is your last opportunity to vote in an important election that will determine the future of our state!

On October 28th, a report released by a new national pro-abortion reporting effort aimed at capturing shifts in abortions by state following the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision made a startling discovery: North Carolina ranks #1 in the nation among states with the largest percentage increase in abortions between April and August (37%).

In other words, abortions have risen faster in our state than any other in the country. By comparison, liberal California experienced an increase of only 1%, while the national rate of abortions fell only 6%.

Elsewhere in the Southeast, abortions have plummeted, decreasing in some Southern states by as much as 78%. Whereas states such as Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia, and Wisconsin have enacted pro-life legislation aimed at protecting mothers and their children, North Carolina now leads the nation in the largest increase of abortions post-Dobbs.

For weeks, we have been warning you that organizations like Planned Parenthood have sought to make North Carolina the abortion destination of the South. As this recent data shows, that’s sadly exactly what is happening.

Tomorrow, YOU have the historic opportunity to elect representatives who will pass pro-life legislation and bring a stop to the bloodshed! If pro-values voters like you go to the polls and know which candidates to support, only then will we have veto-proof majorities to override Governor Cooper’s veto of pro-life legislation.

If you have not already voted, we strongly encourage you to go vote tomorrow on Election Day for pro-values federal, judicial, legislative, and school board candidates, such as those we’ve endorsed. You can also check out a sample of your ballot and how pro-values your candidates are via our sponsored 2022 iVoterGuide. Check out these resources and other important election information on our 2022 Election Toolkit to save you time and inform your vote.

You have until polls close tomorrow, November 8th, at 7:30pm to help us elect a pro-life supermajority that will reverse our state’s course, and help us save the lives of unborn babies.

Will you join us?

In gratitude,

Tami & Team,
NC Values