It was reported by Planned Parenthood recently that North Carolina’s abortion numbers have tripled since June. The pro-choice movement has been busy fluffing the pillows for “abortion tourism” and engaging in political theater to lure abortion seekers from out of state while scaring voters. North Carolina is poised to become “The Abortion Destination of the South” and only pro-life voters can stop it.

Governor Roy Cooper has vetoed every piece of pro-life legislation presented to him. The “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act” in 2019 would have required doctors to give life-saving medical care to babies who survived the abortionists’ tools. His veto means infants who managed to live after an abortion attempt may be left on a cold shelf in a clinic to die, and treated like mere medical waste. Allowing abortionists to snuff out the lives of newborn babies just because an abortion failed is extreme, and out of step with North Carolinians. Cooper also vetoed anti-discrimination legislation to protect unborn babies from being aborted because of their race, or because of a Down Syndrome diagnosis. He has employed heavy-handed tactics even with pro-life members of his own party to advance abortion without restriction up to birth, paid for by taxpayers.

Cooper and his abortion allies have tried to keep this issue at the front of voters’ minds with radical legislation, press conferences and even a needless Executive Order as part of their pro-abortion antics. We also want voters to consider the issue of abortion when heading to the polls, but the difference is, we want them to know the truth. We want voters to understand that Governor Cooper and his allies in the Democrat party are the extremists. They are the ones who want to repeal all restrictions on abortion and make it legal for any reason during all nine months of pregnancy.  Of course, they never mention the brutality of abortion—how later term abortions involves dismemberment of the unborn baby, and how early term and chemical abortion involve delivering an actual fully formed dead baby. The humanity of unborn babies is something they never mention, and they don’t want voters to think about it either.

Every state touching North Carolina except Virgnia has stronger protections for the unborn, and abortion seekers are now flooding over our state lines. Abortionists and politicians are already counting their money, as they stand to profit even more from the $1 billion abortion industry. This is an opportunity for more power, and more money. Cooper has two more years, and the only way to save these lives in our state is to gain a supermajority in the General Assembly. The formula is 3 House, 2 Senate and 1 Supreme Court seats to obtain and protect the voice of North Carolina pro-life voters.

The key to getting a supermajority is to gain what’s called “pick-up seats.” In other words, we need to not only maintain the pro-life General Assembly seats, but we also need to gain seats currently held by pro-choice representatives. NC Value’s Coalition has endorsed candidates whose victories would shift the balance of power.  Candidates being targeted by the abortion industry are seeing millions of dollars pouring into North Carolina from outside the state to put up campaign ads which twist their positions to confuse voters. While these pick-ups seats are key, we still must retain the seats already held by pro-life candidates.

North Carolina has the historic opportunity to pass pro-life legislation if voters with our values go to the polls and know which candidates to support.  Only then will we have veto-proof majorities to override Governor Cooper’s veto of pro-life legislation. NC Values is a partner with iVoterGuide to help voters make informed decisions, and on the site you will also find a sample ballot with only candidates  running in your district. This free, digital resource is an important tool to use, and share with friends. To further help voters, we also have issued endorsements in federal, General Assembly, Judicial, and select school board races.

Sort through the confusion peddled by our Governor and pro-abortion advocates; research the candidates and know where they stand. Abortion enthusiasts position their stance under the cloak of “rights” when really their stance only leads to a painful death.  Life is in our hands this election; we can’t let it slip through our fingers.

Laura Macklem
Press and Political Director
NC Values