Institute for Faith & Family ( filed its second Amicus brief with the US Supreme Court this month, Joe and Jane Parent vs. Montgomery Board of Education, addressing a brazen violation of parental rights in Montgomery County, Maryland allowing schools to secretly transition students to the opposite sex without their parents’ knowledge or consent.  

A 4th Circuit Court of Appeal’s decision upholds Montgomery County School District’s “Parental Exclusion Policy” which allows information to be withheld from parents about gender transitioning of their child, including any transitioning plan created by the school.   

“Montgomery Board of Education’s policy is a breathtaking volition of parental rights and puts the child in physical and emotional danger. Parents have a lifetime of knowledge about their child including mental health and should be informed and included in all matters involving their child,” said IFF Executive director Tami Fitzgerald. “Gender dysphoria is often a social contagion, and schools are abusing these children by validating their delusion. Children belong to their parents, not to anyone else including government schools.” 

IFF is the sister organization of NC Values Coalition, which helped usher in North Carolina’s “Parents Bill of Rights”. The legislation, SB 49, requires schools inform parents of any pronoun or name change requested by the student. 

From the Supreme Court to the 5th, 9th, and 11 Circuits, IFF has filed numerous Amicus briefs over the years on a number of major cases impacting issues of pro-life, pro-family, and pro-religious freedom. Attorney Deborah Dewart wrote and filed the Joe and Jane Parent vs. Montgomery Board of Education brief on behalf of the Institute for Faith & Family. 

Click here to download or read the amicus brief in full.