FINAL CALL: If you haven’t already registered for one of our annual Mama Bear Workshops happening this weekend, now is the time.

The location nearest you will be held in Hickory on August 18th, at 5:30pm, at Tabernacle Baptist Church. The goal of these workshops is to inform parents and community members about what’s being taught in our schools, address parental rights in North Carolina, and survey school choice options.

What are Mama Bear Workshops?

Our Mama Bear Workshops give an overview of the current events and transparency issues that are currently in North Carolina Public Schools and how Mama Bears and Papa Bears can get involved in protecting our children from harmful curriculum and indoctrination in school.

This is a FREE event with dinner. Please click HERE for more information on speakers and to register!


Tami & Team
North Carolina Values Coalition

PS: Please also consider bringing a friend who would benefit from hearing the speakers.