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In less than 3 days, we’ll wrap up one of the most important years in the history of the American Experiment.

The history books will probably ignore it, but you and I will remember.  So will our children and grandchildren.

This year – 2022 – was the year that the tide finally turned against the holocaust of abortion. It was the year that the US Supreme Court finally decimated the utterly nonsensical and unconstitutional decision of Roe v. Wade and reaffirmed the authority of the people’s elected representatives (not the courts) to make laws concerning the protection of the preborn.

Looking ahead, our state is at a crossroads: will North Carolina become a safe haven for precious babies in the womb, or the abortion capitol of the South?  Will Planned Parenthood be proven right that “all roads lead to North Carolina”?

Or will you and I make sure that our state passes the strongest possible protections for the unborn – and get it done as soon as possible?

We are stepping into 2023 with a conservative majority in the NC House, Senate, Court of Appeals and Supreme Court. We have over 105,000 pro-life, pro-family, and pro-freedom members of the North Carolina Values Coalition.

To unleash the full force of our coalition – and strengthen it every day – to take advantage of this opportunity to protect life and family in our state, I need your help.

Will you consider making your most generous gift, right now, to the North Carolina Values Coalition?

Your donation of $35, $50, $100, or even more will ensure that we leverage the power of our coalition to advance Biblical values in our public life in 2023 when it matters most.

Your support keeps me and my team on the phones and in meetings with legislators -pushing them to vote for our values. It enables us to draft both legislation and amicus briefs, so that our values remain at the forefront of the debate, no matter where it happens. And your support is what fuels our work to train and equip members of our coalition to run for office, raise their voices, and advocate for our values.

Thank you for your support of our Coalition and the values that made our country great.


Tami & Team,
NC Values