In just a couple of days, we will find ourselves in the middle of “Pride” month where LGBTQQIP2SAA+ activist organizations bombard us and our children with demands to legitimize sexual sin. 

Whether by lighting the White House in rainbow-colored spotlights, or adorning the front of stores with aisles of rainbow-themed promotional merchandise, June marks the entrance of a month-long celebration of—of all things—pride. In particular, pride in a sexual disorientation.

In the backdrop, and vehemently ignored by the progressive community as not being real or possible, are those individuals who have suffered physically, emotionally, and spiritually, from the fallout of the great sexual revolution. Up to 80% of minors who experience gender dysphoria return to identifying with the sex of their birth by adulthood.

People like Prisha Mosely, who underwent painful life-altering medical sexual transition through a double mastectomy and hormone therapy. The pain, trauma, and grief she experienced led her to de-transition. Prisha subsequently sued her doctors and therapists and has now become the first de-transitioner whose lawsuit was allowed to proceed on the basis her doctors defrauded her. You may remember that last year, we brought Prisha to North Carolina to testify to the General Assembly about her horrific experiences in the lead up to their passing the bill prohibiting medical transitioning for minors.

The physical and irreversible “top” and “bottom” disfigurement of a healthy human child’s body is nothing remotely near the concept of safe or effective in curing psychological trauma. It certainly should NOT be celebrated with something as beautiful as God’s created rainbow.

Unfortunately, even though we spearheaded several pieces of legislation last year that pushed back against these activists, they will never stop. Across North Carolina, state and national LGBTQQIP2SAA+ activist organizations are on the move trying to advance even more absurdities. Because they never stop, neither can we. To help us fight back against Pride Month, would you consider joining our cherished ComPass club of monthly donors?

Whether it’s $1 a month or $100, our monthly donors are at the heart of providing our organization the stability it needs to operate against our larger and more deep-pocketed radical opponents. We urge you to consider joining us, because the threat is real and the battle is raging.

Thank you!


Tami Fitzgerald
Executive Director NC Values