We applaud the NC Senate’s recent decision during the start of the legislative short session to increase funding for Opportunity Scholarships. It was an needed effort in response to the overwhelming number of applicants who are eager to send their children to successful schools of their choice.

In schools from Wilmington to Waynesville, indoctrination has taken priority over teaching basics like reading, math, history and science, and it shows in test scores. Parents are tired of their children being subjected to indoctrination with sexually explicit books such as Lawn Boy, Gender Queer, George, and impromptu CRT lectures. The freedom for parents to choose which school is best for their child, regardless of income, is one of our most basic liberties.

There are 58,400 families waitlisted, hoping their children will not be left behind and trapped in failing, dangerous schools. Every child deserves the opportunity to attend the school that best fits their needs.

While the Senate has passed additional funding, we are currently waiting on the NC House to respond. If you believe every child deserves an opportunity to pursue an education free from woke indoctrination, and support funding these waiting families, would you consider using the time-saving click-to-contact campaign below to spend a minute contacting your representative?