We’re pleased to share that legalization of casinos and video lottery terminals is no longer a threat to funding for pregnancy care centers or Universal Opportunity Scholarships in the budget!

We’re grateful to those brave lawmakers who stood against predatory gambling. When we heard what was happening, our team issued a letter laying out our concerns and urging our representatives not to support casinos and video lottery terminals. Predatory gambling erodes the social fabric of communities and hurts families, especially the poor. It would create a cesspool of debt, crime, addiction, drunk driving, human trafficking, and family breakdown across our beautiful state.

We’re also grateful for your help and prayers! After we asked you to contact legislators and voice your opposition to holding the budget hostage just to legalize casino cesspools and video lottery terminals, you responded! We have been hearing from legislators who are personally grateful for your voice.

We will continue to advocate for legislation to protect North Carolina values, and against legislation which will have devastating consequences on the family.

If you support the work we’re doing protecting the all-important sacred institution of the family, would you consider making a needed one-time or monthly donation towards our work in North Carolina?


Tami & Team,
NC Values