After all the ads, calls, emails, mailers, and more, we can finally say that the 2022 midterm elections are coming to a close. While some votes are still being counted in important races across the nation, our state’s current electoral results paint a picture of what our political future has instore.

Overall, the team at NC Values is enthusiastic about the General Election results! Across North Carolina we saw conservatives dominate a number of important elections:

  • they won the US Senate seat;
  • they secured a supermajority in the Senate;
  • they established a working super-majority in the House;
  • they maintained an even split in Congressional seats;
  • they swept statewide judicial races, winning all the Court of Appeals seats, and even flipping control of the NC Supreme Court

The team at NC Values worked very hard vetting and supporting conservative candidates and educating voters about the issues, the candidate positions, and the importance of this election. We are grateful for all those conservative candidates who ran, and congratulate those who won their elections.

🎉 Especially Senator-elect Ted Budd!

Thankfully, sixty-nine of eighty-one of our endorsed candidates won—not including school board candidates—across the state. All six statewide judicial candidates promoted by NC Values won their elections. This victory alone is worth great celebration, given it secures any of our pro-values legislation from progressive judicial activism.

However, as joyous and genuine our celebration, we must also acknowledge the challenges that are ahead of us. As our email earlier this week announced, North Carolina now ranks #1 in the nation for states with the largest percentage increase in abortions between April and August. Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups have openly sought to make NC the abortion capital of the South. The result? Our state has already seen a 37% increase in abortions. The increase itself comes from women pouring across our borders to abort their unborn babies.

And this is just the start…

Radical abortionists have openly promoted campaigns to use mail forwarding services to illegally import at-home shipments of abortion pills used in other states to chemically abort unborn babies. The result is that women in our state are self-administering chemically-induced abortive procedures, even without the in-person supervision of a doctor. These self-administered at-home abortions often lead women to the traumatic episode of the mother giving birth to their dead child. On top of all this, pro-abortion radicals have set out to attack pro-women pro-life pregnancy centers, and intimidate legislators and organizations like ours.

Our concern is that some legislators may cower from pursuing the type of pro-life, pro-family, and pro-freedom conservative legislation that contributes to human flourishing, protects parental rights, and saves the lives of unborn babies. The battle ahead of us is difficult. However, our prayer is that our new class of energized and endorsed conservative legislators will courageously champion pro-values legislation at the start of their next session.

As the election results in Florida and Gov. DeSantis demonstrate, voters value consistent and courageous conservatives that don’t bow down to wokeness. They want anti-woke, pro-values champions. At NC Values, our plan is to continue our hard work courageously championing your values across all levels of government.

If you value the work we do educating you on the issues, getting pro-values candidates elected, and keeping our public officials accountable and conservative, would you consider making an early #GivingTuesday donation of $10, $25, $50, $100, or more?

In gratitude,
Tami & Team,
NC Values