Earlier today, the NC House finally passed a state budget. We’re excited to share with you that the bipartisan vote included funding for the pro-family Opportunity Scholarship.

The House budget would also add a new provision to NC law to require local school districts to create a community media advisory committee to investigate and evaluate challenges to supplementary and instructional materials.  The language sets forth the removal of books based on four criteria—obscenity, pervasive vulgarity, inappropriateness based on age, maturity and grade level, and non-alignment with the course of study. Ultimately, the local board decides whether the materials will be retained or removed.  The parent, teacher or resident of the district who brought the original challenge can appeal the board’s decision to superior court.

These two items have been at the top of NC Values legislative priorities this year, and we are grateful the House has included them in its budget!

Unfortunately, the two chambers have been at an impasse. While the Senate shares the House’s desire to fully support the families on the Opportunity Scholarship waiting list, the Opportunity Scholarship has become a political football being used by both chambers to get what they want. Meanwhile, the “opportunity” is slipping away for many families who have to make school commitments NOW.

With a June 30th deadline right around the corner, we’re growing worried that our public officials may throw their hands up in frustration and go back to their districts without passing a budget.

Currently, there are 58,400 families waitlisted, hoping their children will not be left behind and trapped in failing, dangerous schools. Every child deserves the opportunity to attend the school that best fits their needs. If the NC General Assembly doesn’t agree to a budget, that means these families will be stuck in academic limbo. It also means their children may be exposed to obscene books, while they can’t do anything about it.

Currently, 1,465 of you have answered our request to use our click-to-contact tool below to contact the NC General Assembly. Would you help us increase the volume even further by taking a minute to click to contact your NC Senator, and ask them to pass a pro-family budget by June 30th that fully funds waitlisted Opportunity Scholarship families and gives parents the right to challenge obscene books in schools?

📢 If you believe every child deserves an opportunity to pursue an education free from woke indoctrination, and support funding these waiting families, would you consider using the time-saving click-to-contact campaign?


Tami & Team
NC Values