March 12 is Detrans Awareness Day, as victims of gender reassignment surgeries and cross sex hormones strive to raise awareness of the devastating, irreversible damage transitioning has caused. NC Values Coalition wanted to provide some insights building up March 12 and for the rest of this month, to highlight the issue.

Fast Facts:

  • Gender dysphoria is diagnosed only as psychiatric, not a medical condition, yet many have said on the first or second appointment children were given a prescription for hormone therapy or an order for gender reassignment surgery.
  • Studies show that 84 percent of children experiencing gender dysphoria desisted.
  • In 2021 a study found 58% of those with gender dysphoria said their condition was caused by trauma or a mental health condition.

This video is about Prisha, who was lured by trans activists away from her family and started hormone therapy at age 17. At 18, she had a double mastectomy and now as an adult, lives with deep regret. Hear Prisha’s story about her journey, and the health and emotional effects she suffers.

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Tami Fitzgerald,
NC Values