Last week, we shared with you the gruesome news that Planned Parenthood was planning to put $10 million this year into undoing all of the hard pro-life work we’ve been doing in our state. That’s double what they spent in the 2022 election.

It is no small amount. $10 million buys a massive amount of advertising and voter engagement. If you’re curious about what Planned Parenthood is looking to buy in North Carolina through pro-abortion legislators they get elected, look no further than this monstrosity: HB 908, the so-called “Decriminalize Reproductive Health Act.”

This bill is typical of the sort we see pro-abortion legislators propose every year. On the very first day of the short session, bill sponsor Rep. Diamond Staton-Williams and 17 other Democrats made their legislative intentions clear: with HB 908, the issue of abortion is front and center.

The abortion bill is really bad. The bill repeals HB 20—our pro-life law we helped get passed last year that has decreased abortion by 31%.  It also allows for late term abortion of viable babies, lowers standards of care for pregnant women, and abolishes reporting requirements. It also forces taxpayers to fund $1,000,000 to promote abortions.

In addition to repealing our recent pro-life legislative victories, the bad bill sets out to establish a number of other pro-abortion priorities, such as criminalizing the actions of pro-life activists outside abortion clinics; interfering with crisis pregnancy centers’ services and funding (unless they promote abortions); minimizing a father’s right of action relating to the performance of an abortion; facilitating trafficking out-of-state women to receive abortions in North Carolina; and much more.

Democrats have already been openly harassing pregnancy care centers in our state. Imagine if they take over the legislative and executive branches. This is exactly what we can expect them to pursue—unlimited abortion.

North Carolina is already experiencing a surge in abortion services, and has become the abortion destination of the South. As USA Today recently noted, our state “has some of the lowest restrictions on the procedure compared to the rest of the south. Even after the state legislature last summer lowered the limit from 20 to 12 weeks, with exceptions, North Carolina saw one of the highest number of out-of-state patients in 2023, behind Illinois, according to the Guttmacher Institute.” As I told USA Today, “It should be a concern for everyone who believes in the sanctity of human life.”

Legislatively, this is what Planned Parenthood is looking to buy. More abortions. More profits. That happens by winning elections, and Planned Parenthood is putting their money where their mouth is.

We can’t let that happen in our state.

We should not be outdone in our pro-life commitments by our Southern neighbors. State organizations like ours are truly on the front lines battling to protect unborn babies in our state, and passing the type of legislation Planned Parenthood is seeking to undo.

If you support the work we’re doing trying to save as many unborn babies as possible, would you consider making a needed end-of-month one-time or monthly donation towards our work defending, advancing, and celebrating your values in North Carolina?


Tami Fitzgerald
Executive Director NC Values