We are raising the alarm, and need your help. We urgently call on all pro-life supporters of our coalition to take action that helps us save over 26,000 babies in North Carolina per year!

In the next few days the NC legislature will decide what legislation will be put forward to limit abortion. This decision is being made in Republican caucuses behind closed doors, and the pro-life movement in North Carolina needs to act NOW, before a bill is filed. There is much pressure on these lawmakers to present a bill that only makes minimal changes to the current abortion law, and saves only around 4,000 babies a year.

For the legislature to present a bold pro-life bill that will save over 26,000 lives a year, they need to hear from you! A Heartbeat Act that limits abortion when a heartbeat is detected in the pre-born child—about 6 weeks—will make a significant impact by saving the lives of 22,000 thousand more babies than the 13-week limit being floated in legislative chambers. States like Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina (although the South Carolina Supreme Court overturned it) and Missouri have passed Heartbeat Acts. Even Governor Ron Desantis in Florida has indicated that he will sign a Heartbeat Act into law. This is a decision that our legislators are deciding right now, and they need to hear from you as soon and frequently as possible! We are talking about saving real lives.

In response, we have organized these two action items to equip you to contact and visit with your respective legislators:

  1. CONTACT: Even if you’ve already done so, would you consider taking a minute or two to use/reuse this time-saving click-to-contact tool to message your legislators and ask them to support a Heartbeat Bill? We’ve also added the ability to connect you directly with them if you’d like to encourage them over the phone.
  2. VISIT: We are organizing two important Days of Action on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week (February 28th and March 1st). We’re calling on coalition members from all across the state to drive down to Raleigh and join us as we go and visit legislators in person at the General Assembly. Your presence and activism will make a critical difference in whether legislators propose a Heartbeat Act or a 13-week limit on abortion. If you would like to join us for one of these days, click here or see the event info below:

WHO: You, and pro-life supporters all across NC.

WHAT: Legislation Days of Pro-life Action in Support of the Heartbeat Bill.

WHERE: 16 West Jones Street, Raleigh, NC.  The first floor 1000 Court of the Legislative Building (visit https://www.ncleg.gov/About/VisitorInfo for more). To meet up, enter the building at 16 West Jones Street. There will be a big medallion with the state seal on the ground. Enter the building, and go through security. Turn to your right and walk forward and that will be the “1000 Court” of the legislative building. You will see tables and a fountain. look for NC Values team and we will give you instructions.

WHEN: Tuesday, February 28th, 2023, and Wednesday, March 1st, 2023, between 9am and 1pm.

HOW: If possible, please wear a baby blue shirt in support of the unborn and to make it easier to identify you.

Thank you for everything you are doing, and as always, we would appreciate your deepest prayers that we protect as many unborn babies in North Carolina as possible.


Tami Fitzgerald,
NC Values