Today, Tuesday November 7th, is your last chance to vote in this year’s 2023 municipal elections.

Local elections in our state have some of the lowest turnout rates of voters. However, as the school board book battles and attacks against parental rights across the nation evidence, they are very important. They also provide an opportunity to make a big pro-values impact in your community. That’s why we encourage those of you with municipal elections to go vote today before it is too late.

For more on what elections are happening nearest you, check out’s interactive county map. You can also click here to check out our iVoterGuide scores for races in Asheboro, Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Mooresville, and Roanoke Rapids school boards.

You have until polls close today, November 7th, to help us elect pro-values local officials who will protect parental rights and prevent the indoctrination of our youth.

Can we count on your vote?

In gratitude,

Tami & Team,
NC Values

PS: Starting with the 2023 municipal elections, voters will be asked to show photo ID when they check in to vote. Don’t forget to bring your ID!