Today, May 14th, is the last day to vote in North Carolina’s primary run-off elections for the Congressional District 13 and Lieutenant Governor races.

This important run-off election traditionally has low-voter turnout, and we wanted to send a reminder about voting if you haven’t already.

Kelly Daughtry announced she dropped out of the Congressional 13 run-off against Brad Knott. However, because there wasn’t a formal withdrawal with the Board of Elections, she could still win. The unborn are under an unprecedented assault by radical abortionists, and Brad Knott will stand up to the pro-choice elite in Washington and organizations like Planned Parenthood.

On the ballot is also a choice between Hal Weatherman and Jim O’Neill for the Lieutenant Governor run-off. NC Values endorsed Weatherman because of his vocal support for the unborn, school choice and other strong stances on socially conservative issues. Hal Weatherman is the family values candidate who will be a voice and champion on social issues such as abortion and school indoctrination.

Run-offs typically have a low-voter turnout, and your one vote will make a significant impact. Get out and vote for the conservatives in the race, Brad Knott for Congress and Hal Weatherman for Lieutenant Governor.

To find out more about voting, visit the NC State Board of Elections website. To find the voting site nearest you, click here.

In gratitude,

Tami & Team,
NC Values