In this documentary video shown to teachers and daycare owners by a North Carolina teacher association named the NCAEYC, we get a view of just what sort of behavior activist teaching groups are attempting to advance in North Carolina’s kindergartens and elementary school classrooms.

To spare you the time of watching the cringey content, here’s a summary: Four adults are having a discussion about their success in introducing/brainwashing the concept of non-binary genders to kindergarteners. The documentary shows their attempts to do so with the help of a non-binary-looking puppet and a non-binary-looking teacher.

In response, the children then do what children do best: ask real and honest questions. Anyone who has been around a young child’s upbringing for some length of time knows just how naturally the binary concept of male and female come to their categorizing minds. And so, in the video, the kids naturally ask questions such as whether the puppet is ‘a boy or girl?’ Often—and even after verbal correction by the woke teacher—the children use the allegedly incorrect singular pronouns of “he” or “she,” and not the puppet’s preferred “they” and “them.”

The nonbinary teacher explains to the little ones that their nonbinary puppet hasn’t decided whether they are a boy or a girl yet, and thus why they are a “them.” While the children seem rightfully confused (language is already hard enough as it is!), there is one moment in particular that stands out for causing the four education activists to swell up with pride. One of the younglings verbally agrees with the teacher and says some people can be “nonbinary.” The parroting of the woke term among one of the 4-5 year olds causes the four activists to respond gushingly, going so far as to even blatantly claim that it is “a huge testament to how much we’ve been talking about it in the classroom,” and that it is “…constantly in conversation.”

Again, keep in mind these are 4-5 year olds. Innocent and impressionable 4-5 year olds. Rather than spending a lot of time in class talking about things a 4-5 year old must grasp to understand the real world (numbers, colors, shapes, reading, etc), real groups in NC are trying to get K-5 educators to spend a lot of time in class talking about nonbinary genders.

Incidents like these are why NC Values exists.

Unfortunately, stories like the one above are not only happening all around us, but also more frequently. You are already probably familiar with the issue of drag queen story hours and drag queen performances aimed at children, however were you aware that our own Duke Health has emerged as the Southern hub for youth gender transition treatment? Were you also aware that the two studies which formed the foundation of the pediatric transgender industry have been debunkedenough to lead the American College of Pediatricians to now call on organizations to “reconsider current protocols for gender dysphoric children.”

Were you also aware that—surprisingly—the United States is actually behind some of it’s European counterparts, who have already begun reversing course and ringing the bell about the dangers of pediatric transgender so-called ‘treatments.’ True. In England, the National Health Service closed the Tavistock child gender identity clinic after criticism from an independent review. In Sweden, their National Board of Health and Welfare recently halted gender-affirming care after discovering there was insufficient evidence to justify the claim the treatment was indeed beneficial.

At NC Values, we are doing everything we can to lead the nation on this issue. As an organization, we have been busy advocating for a number of legislative bills that help address transgender and parental-rights issues in our state. One such example is the recently passed Parents Bill of Rights moving its way through the NC General Assembly. We’re also at work on medical conscience bills, youth protection bills, and several others.

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