Last week, we received some incredible news: abortions in our state are down BY A THIRD, meaning the lives of more innocent unborn babies are being saved!

As widely reported, the new pro-life law you helped us pass appears to be working to keep North Carolina from being a destination for abortion. Abortion declined significantly the month after pro-life protections went into effect. With increased resources for pregnant women provided by the Care for Women, Children, and Families Act and increased funding to Pregnancy Care Centers, women have more support than ever and a safety-net of care to help them choose life. Abortion has declined by a third in our state, and that means we’re helping save unborn lives. Praise God.

Unfortunately, after Dobbs, abortions in North Carolina were up 37%. While 30% is an encouraging number, we still have a lot of work to do to reduce abortions to zero. The most recent abortion statistics for North Carolina show that 90% of them are being done before the twelfth week, so we have to do more to lower our 12-week limit on abortion.

We need to continue saving the lives of even more unborn babies, while supporting and caring for their mothers. If you support our labor fighting to save as many unborn babies as we can, would you consider making a needed one-time or end-of-month donation?

In gratitude,

Tami & Team
NC Values