Unfortunately, it seems like the NC House and Senate are playing political football with the state budget, all while 58,400 Opportunity Scholarship families stand waitlisted and waiting. Now we are facing whether or not they will make good on their promises to fund the Opportunity Scholarship. We believe they will, but given that the short legislative session adjourned last Thursday, and legislators are returning to do business only 6 more days this year, they really need to hear from you now.

If the NC General Assembly doesn’t agree to a budget, that means these families will continue to be stuck in academic limbo. Worse, their children may get stuck in woke, failing, or dangerous schools.

Parents know what’s best for their own children, and economics should not be a stumbling block for families who want to escape failing public schools rife with indoctrination. The Opportunity Scholarship empowers parents to choose and afford the school which best fits their children, and enables the education funding to follow their child. We are thankful for the legislators who recognized the overwhelming popularity of school choice, however we need them to agree to a budget that funds it.

We need your help to get to the finish line. In particular, there are three items we need to ensure are present in the budget to help us protect parental rights and childhood innocence:

  1. Opportunity Scholarship funding for all students currently on the waiting list for the 2024-2025 school year.
  2. Language requiring that the Sex Education Standards be stayed because they are not in compliance with NC law.
  3. Language creating a statewide process to challenge obscene books in school libraries.

📢 Would you help us protect and empower families by clicking here to contact members of your NC General Assembly right now? It only takes a minute or two, and it makes a big impact.


Tami & Team
NC Values