For three years, NC Values has been working on legislation that would protect school girls from being forced to compete in sports against transgenders who are biological males. You have been with us fighting to save women’s sports every step of the way.

Today, we’re excited to share with you that the General Assembly completed passage of the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act.” It now heads to Governor Cooper’s desk!

Women and girls who train for countless hours and years in their sports will have a level playing field, and their opportunities will be protected if this legislation becomes law. It will also guard the safety of females. The severe injuries of Payton McNabb caused by the strength of a trans athlete shows bodies play sports, not identities. State and national polling shows support for this type of legislation is overwhelmingly high.

We urge Governor Cooper to side with women and girls by signing this bill into law, and ultimately look forward to North Carolina joining the other 21 states which have enacted this type of pro-woman legislation for female athletes.

Earlier this week we told you it was going to be a busy one. It was even busier than we thought!

In addition to the vote on the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act,” a number of other bills we have been working on for years came up for important votes. The “Gender Transition/Minors Act” (H808, formerly called the “Youth Health Protection Act”) received three successful committee votes, and now heads to the Senate Rules Committee. We flew our courageous friend Prisha in to give her moving testimony in person. The bill, if passed, would prohibit attempting to surgically or hormonally change the biological sex of any individual under the age of 18.

We also found out that the “Parents Bill of Rights Act” was scheduled for a vote yesterday in the NC House Education Committee (which it passed). The bill creates transparency regarding school curriculum, gives parents rights to object to curriculum, gives parents rights to the medical records of their children, and prohibits teaching gender ideology in K-4th grade. It now heads to the House Rules Committee.

In response to all these bills, our team was on the ground all week long at the General Assembly. Prisha and I sought to submit comments at as many committee hearings as we could. Check out the testimony this brave woman gave during the “Youth Health Protection Act” hearing below:

Finally, even earlier in the week, a bill barring the use of public funds and facilities for gender transition procedures on minors passed various committee votes, and also a full vote by the NC House. It now heads to the Senate for concurrence. The team at NC Values submitted testimonies on behalf of two detransitioners who shared their stories of regret and warned lawmakers about the dangers of transitioning minors.

If you support the hard work we do all year long fighting for your values and getting legislation like these passed, would you consider maximizing our impact by making a one-time or monthly donation today?


Tami & Team,
NC Values

PS: Honestly, thank you for everything you do to help our Coalition defend North Carolina values. 

Prisha Mosley, NC Parents Bill of Rights Testimony, June 21st, 2023:

My name is Prisha Mosley. I’m a detransitioned woman here to speak in defense of parents and as a testament to the horrible effects of gender affirming care which you want to hide from them.

We are dealing with a social contagion which is being transmitted by schools in large numbers. We can see this reflected in the demographic of those effected: mostly teenage girls. But unlike social contagions of the past like anorexia in the 90s, this dangerous behavior – denying biological reality – is being enabled by adults. Parents are unable to protect their children from a social contagion which tells them to take wrong sex hormones and cut off body parts when they don’t even know their child has been caught up.

A transgender identity leads to gender affirming care and life long medicalization. Even if you don’t detransition like me, you have to be on wrong sex hormones for life, and chasing endless surgeries in the name of “gender euphoria.”

I suffer lasting effects from so called gender affirming care. I suffer daily with chronic pain. I’m experiencing sexual dysfunction. It hurts my throat to speak. I have been injured, and the side effects are irreversible.

My parents were asked, “Would you rather have a dead daughter or a living son?” Their consent was stolen from them! Parents are being manipulated, blackmailed, and baited. Please protect them and their vulnerable children by passing this bill.

Tami Fitzgerald, NC Parents Bill of Rights Testimony, June 21st, 2023:

In a free society, the family, not the government, is its basic unit.  Parents, not educators or doctors, are tasked with the privilege and responsibility to care, educate and provide for their children.  Parental rights form the brick and mortar of the wall protecting the family from government intrusion and since 1923 in the case Meyer v. Nebraska, the court has recognized parents’ rights as fundamental.

We know from recent polling, 80.8% believe parents should have access to curriculum, materials and resources being used in their childs classroom and 71% believe they should play a significant role in the curriculum development process. In at least 26 states, including North Carolina, in 2022, Parents Rights Bills were introduced in state legislatures to give parents more control of and access to what was being taught in the classroom.

Parents are fed up with public schools and healthcare professionals counteracting their values, hiding critical information about their children, encouraging their children to adopt identities and lifestyles that are harmful, using obscene books and materials in the classroom, teaching LGBT ideologies and how-tos to their children, and hiding and encouraging their children to consent to medical treatments that should be solely their responsibility.

The Parents Bill of Rights is a good first step to addressing some of these problems.  It will require that parents are informed of their legal rights. It requires a Parents’ Guide to Student Achievement so that parents are informed about their child’s needs and progress.

It stops the teaching of gender identity and sexual orientation until 4thgrade. We believe, however, that the bill should go further.  

  1. The law should be changed to allow schools to be held criminally liable for disseminating obscenity to children through books in the library and curriculum.
  2. The schools should keep instructional and supplementary materials in a repository in the school building and on the school’s website.  
  3. To protect parental rights in the law, NC law should state that parental rights are fundamental rights and set forth a strict scrutiny test.
  4. Parents should have the right to consent to ALL medical treatments for their minor children.  Therefore, this legislature should repeal NCGS 90-21.5 which gives minors at any age the right to consent to physician-provided care for the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of STDs, AIDS, pregnancy, Drugs/Alcohol, and emotional disturbance.

We support SB 49, and we urge you to take further action to strengthen it, so that parents, not schools or physicians, are restored their right to be fundamentally responsible for their own children.