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PR: NC Values election work influences statewide results and now readies for legislative session

November 10, 2022
Contact: Laura Macklem


NC Values Coalition expressed enthusiasm regarding the General Election results, as conservatives dominated in North Carolina, sweeping statewide judicial races, securing a supermajority in the Senate and a working super-majority in the House, winning the US Senate seat and keeping Congressional seats.

“We are encouraged the majority of North Carolina voters have sided with conservative values , and we congratulate all those conservative candidates who won their elections, especially Senator-elect Ted Budd,” said NC Values Executive Director Tami Fitzgerald. “NC Values has worked hard vetting and supporting conservative candidates and educating voters about candidate positions, issues and the importance of this election. We look forward to working with incumbents and new legislators on our legislative agenda.”

Sixty-nine of 81 NC Values Coalition endorsed candidates won, not including school board candidates across the state.  All six statewide judicial candidates  promoted by NC Values won their elections.

“Running for office is a tremendous sacrifice, and we want to thank everyone who ran, and congratulate our endorsed candidates on their victories. We have enjoyed getting to know new candidates during our endorsement process, and we know the fresh perspectives they bring will make this an exciting and productive legislative session,” said Fitzgerald.

NC Values Coalition is a statewide influencer on elections and this cycle launched a statewide get out the vote effort which included targeting pro-life voters across the state with direct mail, publishing articles about the importance of voting and various races, and educating its supporters with endorsements and a myriad of elections communications. NC Values’ sister organization, Institute for Faith & Family, sponsored a digital campaign across the state to motivate pro-life voters to get out and vote. The organization also partners with iVoterGuide to bring voters a reliable resource with information about which candidates share their values, and offers a detailed Voter Toolkit, outlining information about voting and the election.

“NC Values has been paving the way to elect candidates to office who will be leaders on our pro-life, pro-family, and pro-religious freedom values on the state and federal level,” said Fitzgerald. “We are excited about the multitude of victories last night and the opportunities those victories represent.  We are fine-tuning our legislative agenda and are ready to make a big impact this legislative session.”


PR: NC Values releases 2022 Select School Board Endorsements

October 5, 2022
Contact: Laura Macklem


NC Values Coalition announced today endorsements for 2022 NC school board races in select counties. This is the first year the organization evaluated school board candidates. Six counties were selected, including Wake, Winston-Salem-Forsyth, Greene, Pitt, Charlotte-Mecklenburg, New Hanover, and Guilford counties.

“With concerns about parental rights, and politically charged and inappropriate materials being pushed in schools, we wanted to take a sampling of North Carolina counties and evaluate their school board candidates,” said Executive Director Tami Fitzgerald. “These candidates have proven to us they will honor parental rights and protect children with their votes.”

Candidates were evaluated by their survey responses, on-line presence, personal interviews, endorsements, donations, and personal knowledge of candidates. NC Values has taken leadership addressing the concerning state of public education in North Carolina. In April, the organization held school board candidate trainings in Raleigh and Mooresville. The event was open to school board candidates and concerned citizens focusing on a wide range of school board election topics. Speakers shared their experiences serving on school boards, CRT, and how to run a school board campaign. One of NC Values’ endorsed school board candidates, Steve Bergstrom, spoke as a subject expert at the Raleigh bootcamp. In addition to the candidate training, NC Values held Mama Bear workshops in Raleigh, Charlotte and Kernersville, where the public was taught how to identify and combat harmful content in schools, using the organization’s Mama Bear Manual as a guide.

“Because of the significance public education has on future generations, shaping the ideas and values of this culture, we place a high level of importance on transparency, parental rights, politically neutral curriculum, and developmentally appropriate materials,” said Fitzgerald. “We are excited to endorse these candidates as we consider how to expand our evaluations into more counties in future elections.”

The following are the NC Values Coalition’s endorsed school board candidates for the 2022 General Election. Although Greene county was evaluated, no endorsements were made in that county.

Wake County

  • Monica Ruiz D2
  • Wing Ng D3
  • Jackie Boegel D5
  • Patrice Nealon D6
  • Jacob Arthur D7
  • Steve Bergstrom D8

Charlotte Mecklenburg

  • Ro Lawsin D1
  • Sean Strain D6

Guilford County

  • Crissy Pratt D2
  • Linda Welborn D4
  • Tim Andrew D6

New Hanover

  • Peter Wildeboer At-Large
  • Melissa Mason At-Large
  • Pat Bradford At-Large
  • Josie Barnhart At-Large


  • Steve Wood D2
  • Sarah Absher At-Large


  • Ken Jones D1
  • Lee Williamson D5
  • Sandy Moyer D7



PR: NC Values releases 2022 Federal Endorsements

September 29, 2022
Contact: Laura Macklem


NC Values Coalition announced today endorsements for the 2022 NC Federal races. NC Values Coalition evaluated candidates on legislative records, endorsements, the iVoterGuide survey and other factors. Each candidate has either been interviewed by NC Values, or is already known to the organization. “These endorsed candidates have either proven through their votes, or have demonstrated to us they will represent North Carolina values in Washington D.C.,” said Executive Director Tami Fitzgerald. “With the pressure of the Biden Administration’s radical agenda, we need representatives who will stand strong for North Carolina families and our country.”

The following are the NC Values Coalition’s endorsed candidates for the 2022 federal races:

  • Ted Budd (US Senate)
  • Greg Murphy (CD03)
  • Courtney Geels (CD04)
  • Virgina Foxx (CD05)
  • Christian Castelli (CD06)
  • David Rouzer (CD07)
  • Dan Bishop (CD08)
  • Richard Hudson (CD09)
  • Patrick McHenry (CD10)
  • Chuck Edwards (CD11)
  • Bo Hines (CD13)




Laura Macklem
Laura MacklemPress & Political Director, NC Values