This week is going to be another busy one at the North Carolina General Assembly. In particular, there are a couple of bills scheduled for votes that we have been working very hard on. One is even approaching a final vote that will determine whether or not it heads to the Governor’s desk.

On Tuesday, legislators will consider the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act” (H574 and S631), which protects opportunities for women and girls in athletics by ensuring that women are not forced to compete against biological men on women’s sports teams.

On Wednesday, the NC Senate will consider an important vote on “The Youth Health Protection Act” (S639, H808). This bill would prohibit attempting to surgically or hormonally change the biological sex of any individual under the age of 18.

In addition to sharing updates and action items on these two bills all year long, we have also shared with you the names of five women whose stories evidence why we need these pieces of legislation. As it relates to saving women’s sports, our brave friends Riley Gaines and North Carolina’s own Payton McNabb demonstrate the dangers and unfair competitive conditions enabled by forcing girls to compete against biological boys. As it relates to needing to protect our youth from the irreparable harm of surgical and hormonal sex-change procedures, we have shared with you the de-transitioned stories of Cat, Chloe, and our state’s own Prisha (who we have flown in this week to testify on these great bills). Watch for yourself below:

These are real issues, that impact real people.

When we ask for your help on them, we choose strategic moments in a bill’s legislative lifecycle. With the close of session close upon us, we are now in one of those moments.

If you are able, would you consider taking a minute or two today to help protect girls like Riley, Payton, Cat, Chloe, and Prisha, by using our tools to contact your legislators, and ask them to vote FOR the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act” and the “Youth Health Protection Act“?


Tami & Team,
NC Values