I am contacting you today to ask that you help us pass two other pieces of needed legislation we have been working very hard on: the “Medical Ethics Defense Act” (SB 641) and the “Youth Health Protection Act” (SB 639).

The “Medical Ethics Defense (MED) Act” protects the conscience rights of medical professionals and entities from being forced to provide any health care service which violates their conscience. The second bill, titled the “Youth Health Protection Act,” protects gender-confused children against medical transitioning procedures including sterilization, mastectomies, castrations, puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and other life-altering procedures and treatments.

What these bills share in common is a goal of preserving the central tenet of Western medical practice: doing no harm; either to one’s body, or one’s conscience.

Lately, there has been a concentrated attack on the ethics and personal beliefs of medical professionals. It has unfortunately driven out doctors, nurses, and other entities from medical practices. In addition, as we have shown in the stories of detransitioned individuals such as Chloe and Prisha, there is an attack against the bodies of youth in our very own state. Our two bills will stop the hemorrhaging of talent in the medical community, as well as protect vulnerable children in our state.

Would you consider helping us pass legislation like the “Youth Health Protection Act” and the “Medical Ethics Defense Act” in the NC General Assembly this session? Just use these easy and time-saving click-to-contact tools to email your NC Representatives and ask them to pass our bills.

In gratitude,

Tami & Team,
NC Values

PS: For more reasons on why we support these pieces of legislation, check out our issue briefs at: ncvalues.org/youth#brief, and ncvalues.org/med-act#brief.